The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Valid for:  Monday, July 21 - Friday, July 25, 2014

For the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

FORECAST: Ozone levels will be in the Low to Mid Moderate range this week.  PM-10 levels will be in the Good range.

High pressure and more humid conditions are back. Temps will reach close to 115, but ozone should stay mostly in the Good range with a few monitors reaching low Moderate through Thursday. Ozone may increase to mid Moderate on Friday as winds shift out of the east and trap local pollutants. Monsoon storms should be isolated in southeast Arizona and possibly along the Mogollon Rim.




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Click here to read the daily forecast for the Phoenix metropolitan area or call the ADEQ Air Quality Forecast Hotline at (602) 771-2367 (toll free at (800) 234-5677).